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What is Kigo?

The meaning of Kigo is a season word. There is a season word in the haiku of Japan. Kigo appears in the photograph. It introduces the haiku while introducing Kigo.
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Kawaii doraemon tanka

The book is Tanka of Japanese famous kawaii animation "Doraemon".
Doraemon's tool and character appear the book.

Doraemon Tanka
masuno kouiti
or New Y1,365


Example of haiku poem:A wedding recebtion

haiku poetry No.16
Example of haiku poem
A wedding recebtion

oisi hi wo omou

I go to a wedding recebtion.
I remember to hoist the child
on to one's shoulders.


Example of haiku poem :Snow fall in spring

haiku poetry No.15
Example of haiku poem
Snow fall in spring

tukanoma wo
harete matahuru
haru no yuki

It is momentary faine.
Because there are a snow fall in spring.


Example of haiku poem:Silent tea

haiku poetry No.14
Example of haiku poem
Silent tea

kono huyu mo
ikite hitori no
mugon no cha

I am living this winter.
I drink lonely tea.
Here is silent.


Example of haiku poem:Dining table and drug

haiku_poetry_13haiku poetry No.13
Example of haiku poem
Dining table and drug

syokutaku ni
kusuri mo narabu
oi no zen

My dining table are many drug.
The scene is aging.


Example of haiku poem :The shade snow

haiku_poetry_12haiku poetry No.12
Example of haiku poem
The shade snow

tokeru hi ga
ituni naruyara
higage yuki

Those where this shade snow
dissolves become sometime?

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